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Dakota Safe

 Dakota safes are built with heavy 10 gauge steel with 1 hour and 45 min. fire rating. The original Dakota Safe is our most affordable and best valued safe we have in store. We also have Black Diamond at 11 gauge steel with a 75 min. fire rating at 1200 degrees and Bad Lands with 12 gauge steel and a 45 min. fire rating at 1200 degrees as well. Don't want a huge safe? Don't worry we have commercial safes as well. Top of the line safe and at the best price click button to learn more.


Fort Knox Custom Safes

 FORT KNOX builds their safes one at a time. Because of that they can custom build your safe. You can have it hinged on the left or right side. Also they can be on the inside or the outside. They will add steel to the outside and to the inside of your safe. FORT KNOX has the best Fire Rated Gun Safe. At 1680 degree 90 minute or upgrade to a two hour fire rate. FORT KNOX simply the best built safe in AMERICA.


Liberty Safe

We offer every one of their well-known products including but not limited to the Fatboy, Colonial, National Magnum and Presidential. As an authorized liberty safe dealer we can provide the quality of the Liberty brand with the benefit of local pickup, delivery and service all around the Tulsa area 


Rhino Safes

 Rhino Metals Inc carries a huge collection of excellent quality gun safes for almost every need. Shop from the best collection of Gun Safes including a wide variety of Ironworks Gun Safes, Rhino Gun Safes, and Kodiak Gun Safes. Click the button to learn more. 


Browning Safes

 We at Security Centers Inc. are proud to be a BROWNING PRO SERIES SAFE dealer. Browning hand picks special dealers across the country to be BROWNING PRO SERIES SAFE dealer. A BROWNING PRO SERIES SAFE is different than a regular Browning Gun Safe. They have a nicer interior, longer fire rating, and larger rectangular locking bolts for added security.  Browning has blown away the competition with their patented AXIS ADJUSTABLE SHELVING. This shelving is amazing! You can move, adjust, and customize the interior of your safe. Add the DPX STORAGE SYSTEM, that allows you to put your long guns right on the door for easy access. They didn't stop there, they have added a scope saver pocket in the door, so you can put a scoped rifle on the door without harming your scope. These safes are awesome, take a few minutes to look thru the different models.


Vaultek Pistol Safes

If you just want a safe easy to use and easy to hide Vaultek is your guy. We offer the Slider Series, VT Series, and the Lifepod Series. Click on the button to learn more. 

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