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 We have a huge selection of knives available along with many other blade related products.

One of the largest selections of SPIDERCO in the Tulsa Area. Also Featuring: KERSHAW, KA-BAR plus several other brands.



Here are some brands we offer. CRKT, Browning, and SOG. 



We have a wide variety of holsters that fits everyone's style. 

Here are some brands we offer. Walther, Safariland, Browning, Blackhawk, Sticky, Bulldog, Versa, K-Rounds, Shape Shift, Sig Saucer, and Galco


Conceal Purses, Stun Guns, & Pepper Spray

 We have an extensive collection of Conceal Purses which come in many different color and styles. We also carry matching wallets along with jewelry and other items that every woman can appreciate. Catering to the female presence we have in the store we also carry many varieties of stun gun/tasers and pepper sprays and a long list of defensive items meant to fit in a purse or concealed location. Come and see our room dedicated to the fairer sex. No longer "defenseless" when carrying any one of these items made for personal protection.


Black Rifle Coffee

 Black Rifle Coffee Company is a premium, small-batch, roast-to-order, veteran-owned coffee company. We love and support our troops. The coffee is also amazing so it's not hard to sell. 

bulletproof backpack guard dog

We know because we tested it out ourselves.